The Journey is a community of psychonauts

Exciting things are happening in the psychedelic ecosystem: Clinical research is ramping up, venture capitalists are pouring funding into psychedelic start-ups, local grassroots movements are fighting to “decriminalize nature”. Mental health care is slowly but surely heading into a much-needed and long-overdue paradigm shift.

But what about the personal journeys fueling these systemic changes?

The Journey is a place to explore what it means to venture inwards on a deeply personal level. For all those who already started their travels, those who just set sail, and those curious to explore what a potential voyage might entail. To put words to experiences that are ineffable, to help you in the meaning-making process, to prompt you to reflect and integrate. You’ll find anything from practical preparation and integration tips, psychological and philosophical concepts, and insights from research to deeply personal stories from those traveling on similar paths. Finally, by sharing stories from community members, we destigmatize the intentional use of psychedelic medicines and enrich the landscape with personal narratives.

Ultimately, The Journey is about the universal human pilgrimage from the mind to the heart. It’s a journey we can only take on our own, but we’re not alone in it. Whether your journey involves psychedelics or not, everyone who values curiosity, truth, community, and connection is welcome here.

Some words readers use to describe The Journey

“Radical honesty and clarity”

“Intelligent and grounded”

“A conscious approach to psychedelic healing”

“The Journey guides me to true self”

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I’m excited for you to join me on this journey.

Brought to you by Julia Blum, an ex-strategy consultant whose passionate about seeking and sharing truth about inner journeys. You can read more about my story here and here.

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Julia Christina

Writer and mental health advocate. Ex-consultant, recovering perfectionist, INFJ, empath, psychonaut, forever student.