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Recreation vs. Re-Creation: same word with a hyphen added.

Re: Mescaline, it’s the champagne of psychedelics. Natures MDMA. Start with 100mg. Lovely magic, esp. at the Burn.

Thanks for the article! πŸ₯°

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I think you probably meant to say micrograms (mcg or ug) and not milligrams (mg). Big difference.

Where is the line between recreational and therapuetic? Is there really a difference? Can recreational be therapuetic? Rhetorical questions. I think the word 'recreational' is used when the term 'social setting' or 'very large group' sometimes fits better.

I would caution anyone to be very comfortable and experienced in small groups before embarking on experiences in very large crowds. Even then I think it's probably best to have a friend present who has not ingested. There can be external as well as 'internal' dangers.

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