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This is well written, with an open mind and an open heart. I think it is thoughtfully inclusive, inviting non-religious and religious into consideration. It resonates completely. So glad to read it.

Thank you..

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Thanks so much for these kind words, and thanks for being here 🙏

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Do you have an email I could reach out to you and share some thoughts?

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Thank you for this. You/this place feels like home of sorts. My experiences have left me with such an indelible feeling of connection that sometimes its annoying and I have to look for Earthly distractions just to function and look like a "normal" human being.


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Wow Scott, thanks for these kind words. They resonate deeply.

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That resonates. Thank you.

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Thanks Rick, glad to hear :)

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Great ideas and articulation Julia, thank You !

Everything we Are, is With In, I think.

All of our Thoughts are ours Alone.

All of our Experiences are ours Alone.


So, I think our Mystical, or Divine, (or whatever anyone wants to call It), Experiences,

are ours Alone too.

Since We are the Experiencer.

(And certainly as Humans, cus we are all the same basic biology, we can and do Indeed share many experiences with our similar biologies etc), but that at the Crux of it All,

what we individually experience

and ‘see’ and ‘think’

is US, Our Selves. Ours alone.

So the ‘Divine’ is not something external to US, it’s within us, hence we experience it within, individually, thru drugs or whatever Form.

I think we need a new word for this : ‘ the Divine’, ‘Higher power’, ‘ source’, ‘ God’ …

All words seem to refer to something external, outside of us as individuals.

I think the ‘ Integrations’ take time , because we’re remodelling our brains and thots and Beliefs from cultural and societal baggage , that doesn’t , or hasn’t, aligned with our Real True Experiences, that are helped along via these psychedelics etc.

We are , each one of us, ‘God’.

Once we know this truely , we are free.

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Thanks for the beautiful share, Eric. That makes me think of Hinduism and the meaning of Namaste - "the Divine in me recognizes the Divine in you". For me the Divine is intrinsic, it's in our nature. We each have to find language that helps us make meaning, but in the end, its nature is ineffable so any attempt will fall short. So maybe the words are not so important after all :)

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