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Q for Julia - I'm inspired & impressed by how generously you've been in sharing your knowledge & experience with the community. I'm about to embark on my first 'Journey' and would welcome suggestions on how to discover a group of "sitters" in Cambridge/Boston, MA. and recommendations for a Drug Testing kit for mushrooms? May seem mundane, but so out of my realm. Much appreciated! Paula C.

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Excellent topics! Excellent thinking! Excellent writing! I wish I could join you on your journey. Alas, I am 72, on more drugs than you can imagine (around 25+ per day - my

auto-dispensing unit can dispense 29 per day). Sorry to interrupt my train of thought but I just caught the tailend of a general's presentation on Ukraine - more than a deep intake and exhale is needed! (I did smoking- pipe, cigarettes for too many years. but I believe it was Agent Orange or one of the Rainbow Chemicals that dun' me in. The writer's comments from below are seconded. GEEZ - up to 50 attack helicopters and 15 F-35s activated from Germany, Italy and one other. We are on the way! Trump did it again. Putin wants all of Ukraine but NATO can't let that happen. One good thing Trump did - forced NATO nations to increase spending on military. I thought (hoped)nations were too inter connected to see this type of action again. Europe needs the oil but that didn't stop Germany. He shut down the pipeline and sned attack helicopters. If you have never seen the movie "Apocalypse Now" here is to my thoghts on it https://dabblerduckbuttscom.wordpress.com/2019/08/24/apocalypse-now-final-cut/. Sorry this ranged too far afield but it helped me calm down. Thanks, for your sharing your talent with the rest of us mortals! Craig

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I love what you're doing! I'm a 20-year-old journalist and just entered the psychedelic domain. Launched a new Substack devoted to the topic here:


What is your email? Would love to connect.

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