Jul 16, 2022Liked by Julia Christina

Ms. Blum,

I came across your substack in April and signed up for the free newsletter. Since then, I’ve followed your work with great interest.

I’m a public official in a U.S state which I cannot name in this public post. I’ve recently been assigned a Herculean and historic set of responsibilities within the sphere of addressing rampant opioid addiction within the state.

I would very much appreciate the opportunity to communicate directly with you about the task before me as well as the opportunity which exists to significantly change the prevailing consensus as to how best to combat this devastating problem. Based on your published work here, I have high hopes that you can be of great assistance with devising the necessary informational strategy to do just that.

Unfortunately, I am not on any social media platforms. While that is a very deliberate choice, it hampers my ability to reach out directly to authors like you who operate within them. I’m therefore making this appeal to you in this comment. I am very real and can authenticate myself in subsequent confidential communications.

Please let me know if we may connect and how/when you’d prefer to proceed. Thank you very much for your time and consideration.

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