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Finally an article that gives a voice to this plant medicine. Thank You!

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How long ago was your experience and are you still feeling the effects of the medicine? What an amazing piece you’ve written. Thank you 🙏🏼

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Thank you for continuing to share your experiences-

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Thanks for sharing your experience !

I ask these questions in love and light.

-Are you ever concerned about LongTerm affects on your heart, body, and mind from these intense experiences ?

- Why do you keep continue ‘doing’ new, or more, psychedelics continuously ?

- After this Iboga experience, which sounds like the deepest, most rewarding, healing, cleansing … experience, anyone Could possibly Do ,

will you continue to Do more ? Why ?

- Will you ever be ‘Healed’ or enough ?

- After Doing so much for -+5 yrs, do you think some Time Off to fully integrate and just BE, might be good for you ?

- What is your End Goal with all these combined experiences ?

Thanks for your insights and time !!


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This drug can have dangerous cardiac effects that can cause arrhythmias or death. Just have to have one’s eyes and mind open for both good and bad. Recent research study documented these risks. It can help opioid detox but too risky for prime time

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