Great talk, Julia! I find your approach responsible, intelligent, and grounded. I agree in essence with everything you said.

I have a concern that greedy Big Pharma will exploit psychedelics. There was an article in the New York Times in May, 2021, about how it’s already a billion dollar industry, including hedge funds. Pharma scientists have tampered with psilocybin molecule so it can be patented and also have a shorter experience so it is more marketable to clinical providers. Yuk!

I also am skeptical about micro-dosing. Daily use is likely to alter brain chemistry in ways that can have unintended consequences.

Psychedelic induced spiritual experiences over 50 years ago continue to have a profoundly positive impact on my life. Keep up the great work, Julia!

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I am going to listen to your podcast later. When you talked about helping at a plant med retreat, that sounds so rewarding! I am off you do some breathwork now.

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