May 20, 2022

A Meditation for Deep Rest

Join me for a 15-minute practice for deep relaxation, surrender, and rejuvenation

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Julia Christina
Meditations to accompany you on your journey from the mind to the heart.
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I’ve been overwhelmed this week. I’ve overextended myself, and am now struggling to juggle all the balls in the air.

I know I’m not alone.

A big part of my healing journey has been to move from black and white thinking into the realms of color.

Black and white thinking says you have to pour hours into writing your weekly newsletter, even if it means you’ll barely have any time to recharge on the weekend.

Color says it’s okay to rest. Color listens to Brene Brown when she says that the only antidote to overwhelm is blocks of unscheduled free time. Color suggests that perhaps this week, instead of sharing an extensive written piece, it would be okay to share a brief meditation instead.

If you, too, need some color in your life, grab some headphones, play this meditation, close your eyes, and gift yourself 15 minutes of deep, rejuvenating rest.

From my heart to yours.

If you’re looking to learn more about psychedelics this week…

I’m attending a two-day virtual conference on the non-medical use of psychedelics organized by The Third Wave which is happening today and tomorrow. If that sounds interesting to you, you can sign up for free here (there are some upselling attempts before check out, but regular sign-up is completely free).